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Oro Valley Dolphins Youth Football and Cheer Association
Once your child has been assigned to a team the Head Coach will call and
introduce themselves and provide initial information. You should expect a
call the week of July 19

Coaches/Staff/Volunteer Finger Print Day, July 24 8:00am - 9:00am during
Dolphin Equipment Handout at the Equipment Shed.

Equipment Distribution Day is Saturday, July 24 8:00am-Noon at the CDO
Practice Fields. (CDO Practice Fields near Dolphin Equipment
Shed) Players must be present to receive equipment.  Flag
does not need to receive equipment but can certainly attend to
submit/resolve paperwork or have photos taken. Cheer will
need to attend because they will be sized. Early Bird Initial
weigh-in will also take place
  • Midget & Jr Midget (8:00am)
  • Pee Wee (9:00am)
  • Jr Pee Wee (10:00am)
  • Mitey Mite & Cadet (11:00am)
  • Cheer (8:00am - 12:00pm)  


Always keep it positive in front of the kids.

Parent Meeting, July 26 at 6:00pm - 6:15pm. Every child must
be represented by at least one parent at this meeting. Oro
Valley Riverfront Park

Player/Cheerleader Meeting, July 26 at 6:00pm - 6:15pm Each
Player/Cheerleader must attend. Oro Valley Riverfront Park

Practice begins Monday, July 26. The 1st week of Practice will
be held at Oro Valley Riverfront Park (551 W Lambert Lane).
Tackle Check-in will begin at 5:00pm. Flag and Cheer will
begin at 5:30pm. Please take your child directly to the
Player/Parent Check-In Area (Parking Area near the Practice
Field Bridge. All paperwork issues/concerns must be resolved
before attending practice. The initial weigh-in will take place.
Your child will be given a wristband allowing him/her to
officially practice.

The first week of practice (7/26-7/30) will take place at Oro Valley Riverfront
Park. All remaining practice sessions will be held at Canyon Del Oro High
School, unless otherwise noted. See the field map on our Forms Page. It
outlines our Dolphin Practice Areas.

Drink plenty of "WATER" on the days leading up to practice.

Bring plenty of "WATER" to practice.

Wear athletic type clothing to practice (t-shirt and shorts). Cheer should wear
athletic type/style shoes. Football should wear cleats and cup.

The first 3 weeks of practice consist of conditioning, so we practice 5 days per
week (Monday-Friday).  Practices are a maximum of 2-1/2 hours long (for a total
of 10 hours per week).  Break times are not included as practice time.  Football
practice is usually 6-8:15pm and flag football and cheer is usually 6-7:30pm.

Once the season begins, practice sessions will be reduced to a maximum of 6
hours per week.  Practice days are 3 days per week.

Please park in the parking lot and NOT ON THE STREET.

The Dolphin Snack Bar will open for operation on the first night of practice.

The OV Dolphins and Tucson Youth Football subscribe to a Zero
Tolerance Policy and will not tolerate the abuse of rules or policies by
any fan, parent, coach or participant.  This policy is designed to protect
the children and volunteers who run this organization.  
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